Ganpati Bappa Morya (2)

Hi Guys…hope all are doing fine. This is my second installment from the post Ganapati Bappa Morya (1). Here are few more pictures of Ganesh Festival.

 Coconut, garland of flowers and roses are offered to the lord as a respect.

 This is a special kind of sweet made during Ganesh festival known as Modak. Traditionally it is made out of rice flour which forms the shell and the filling is made with a mixture of coconut and Jaggery. This is then steamed and served as offering.

                          Huge decoration made to place the idol of lord Ganesha.

 People offering their prayers and seeking blessings from the God.

 Theses images are of the  famous Dagduseth Halwaii Ganpati of Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Below are few more pictures of various Ganesh idols around the Pune city.

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