Wada Pav and the Rain

Its summer time in India and the sun god is ever generous on us in this part of the world. I mean seriously, it gets hotter and hotter every day. But today, there was some respite in my city (Pune). We were blessed with a light shower. And though it din’t last long, but it cooled down the city a bit.

I had forecasted rains today judging by some grey clouds in the sky since morning and it was quite humid. To tell you guys I had forecasted rains a couple of days back when I heard the Cuckoo bird or the songbird or Koyal (Indian Name) sing. There’s a small theory to it. I had heard this from someone that when the Cuckoo sings, it’s a sign that it is going to rain soon.  And today the theory proved right.

Rain Cloud

So luckily I enjoyed this short spell of rain today as I was out with my wife. We were at a place where there are these street hawker’s selling some Indian snacks. Now there this one snack which is soooo famous in my state of Maharashtra, that you can practically find it anywhere you go.  The name is Wada Pav or Pav Wada. It’s basically mashed potatoes added with a tempering of cumin seeds, turmeric powder, chillies and salt (Please click here to check the recipe or click on my page tab).  These ingredients are mixed and made into a pattie. This pattie is dipped in a batter made out of gram flour and deep-fried. The pattie means Wada and it is sandwiched between bread or bun means Pav and so Wada Pav. Some even call it the Indian Burger.

And so when it rains… a Wada Pav and Chai (Tea) make a perfect setting. There was this guys who was making nice hot Wada Pav’s and obviously we were tempted and attracted towards it as the aromaaaaahhh Wow! Unfortunately I was not carrying my camera with me so I made these pictures through my cell phone camera.

Wada Pav Wala

Wada Pav

We relished our Indian burger till the last bite. My wife taking a bite and enjoying her Wada Pav

Wada Pav Bite

And like all good things come to an end, my Wada Pav was also over, the rain stopped and the sun was out again only to say good bye! See  you again tomorrow…



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